To the Conservative Voting for Biden


Before you cast your vote, have you taken the time to separate policies from the candidates momentarily? If not, I urge you to do so. I found a great way to do this.

To the person who has done this and found that they agree with Donald Trump on a majority of the issues, Joe Biden on only a few, and still plan on voting for Biden,


I’m not saying you have to vote for Trump; clearly, there’s a reason why you are voting for Biden despite everything you share in common with Trump. But, I would like to ask, can you, in good conscience, vote for a man who, in any other circumstance, you would not want to win the election?

Something important we have learned from the Affordable Care Act is that policies can last far longer than their proponents, despite significant opposition. The winner of this election will be in office for four years. Their policies may last decades.

For the sake of conscience, I invite you to consider these three alternatives:

  1. There is likely someone else running with whom you agree far more than Biden. You probably do not have a reason to dislike this candidate. It may be Jo Jorgensen, or it may be someone else. Please consider that option.
  2. If no one is running whom you feel you can support, write in someone you can. The possibilities are practically endless.*
  3. If you find that objectionable for any reason at all, consider formally casting your vote that none of the candidates suitably represent the people. Do not vote for anyone in this office.

*Do not expect this person to win. For starters, most jurisdictions only count write-in candidates who have appropriately requested to be recognized as such by a specific date before the election. For people in jurisdictions that allow such a candidate, your selection cannot garner enough votes to win, even if everyone in your jurisdiction somehow voted for them. However, winning is not the purpose of this action. The idea is to express your opinion according to your conscience.

A blank, write-in ballot
A blank, write-in ballot

None of those suggestions will make a difference. It’s the equivalent of voting for Biden.

What is more important, voting for the man who wins, despite mostly disagreeing with him, or being true to your morals and advocating them?

I’m not trying to convince anyone to vote for Trump. However, I would like to provide my argument for the following idea:

Trump is a dictator who has killed or will kill the democratic aspect of our government.

If you feel like you have to vote for a candidate with whom you hardly agree, has your voice been heard? Does the democratic aspect of our government genuinely work?

Wouldn’t a dictator have handled COVID-19 the complete opposite of Trump? The nation practically asked him to seize power and enforce protective measures, like a mask mandate. Yet Trump yielded power to the people to do what they thought best, even when he completely disagreed with most of these people.

Hitler, the quintessential example of a dictator, did the opposite. He used the Reichstag fire as an excuse to seize emergency power.

Again, if you do not feel like you should vote for Trump, please don’t. But, if you share most of his beliefs, please consider the limitless options before you before voting for Biden.

Future MBA Graduate, Current Software Engineer, Always a Man of Faith